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8 Reasons Why Canberra Homeowners Should Have Pergolas

April 7, 2024

If you’re looking for a way to ramp up your home and your outdoor space, several options are available. Each one has its own unique benefits, but not all of them are created equally.

Pergolas stand out from the rest for several reasons, and they may be just the solution you need to take your home to an entirely new level.

Consider the following eight reasons Canberra homeowners should have pergolas.

Expanding Your Living Space

For one, when you build a pergola in Canberra, you’ll expand your living space. This new addition to your home will give your family extra room to spread out. Besides that, you’ll have a beautiful outdoor space for everyone in your home to use in their own way.

There are numerous ways to add square footage to your functional living space, but a pergola is one of the most flexible and enjoyable.

Enjoying Sunshine and Fresh Air

A pergola also gives Canberra homeowners extra reasons to go outside, soak in some sunshine, and breathe in some fresh air.

Sometimes, the heat in our area is a bit too much to bear, but a pergola gives you a comfortable, shaded area to help mitigate the heat and direct sunlight. With that being the case, you’ll have more reasons to get out of the house and enjoy the weather.

Adding Extra Privacy

Additionally, a pergola gives you extra privacy when you’re enjoying time outdoors. No one wants to have a nice morning cup of coffee or an intimate al fresco dinner with the neighbours looking on.

With pergolas Canberra, you can add retractable curtains or create a wall of vines or other foliage to keep your outdoor activities to yourself.

You won’t have to worry about prying eyes detracting from your outdoor time if you have a pergola. That’s not necessarily the case with a deck or patio.

Outdoor Entertaining

Pergolas also give homeowners added space for outdoor entertaining. Why keep your guests cooped up indoors when you can take the party outside and let everyone spread out?

Canberra’s beautiful weather is perfect for outdoor gatherings; in fact, they’re an ingrained component of the local lifestyle. From family dinners and birthday parties to backyard barbecues and beyond, you can use a pergola to give your guests more fresh air and wiggle room.

Incredible Versatility

Furthermore, pergolas are incredibly versatile spaces. Pergola builders Canberra offer an array of materials and styles to choose from. You can have a pergola built as large or small as you like to meet your needs.

These spaces can also be as simple or elaborate as you want to suit your lifestyle. You can have it freestanding or attached to the home.

Whether you want a small area for lounging outside or a vast space with an outdoor kitchen, a dining area, a fire pit, and extra seating for guests, the choice is yours. The possibilities are endless.

Working Well With Other Outdoor Features

Another reason you need a pergola is its unlimited potential.

It can be built onto an existing deck or patio to add functionality and privacy.

You can install one next to a pool for a bit of shade after a nice swim.

Place one next to a hot tub to extend your relaxation time.

A pergola can create a wonderful usable space near a garden or fountain.

Those are only a few of the possibilities. Pergolas in Canberra work well as standalone structures or in tandem with other outdoor features.

Perfect for Plants

Pergolas are also perfect settings for plants. As alluded to earlier, you can plant running vines at the base of a pergola to eventually create a natural privacy curtain.

You can place potted plants around the pergola for a nice decorative touch or simply to lift your spirits while you’re spending time outdoors.

A pergola can give plants a healthy balance of sunlight and shade to make them thrive. Studies have shown that plants can help reduce stress and provide other health benefits. When you place them on a pergola, those advantages are sure to grow.

Adding Value to Your Home

Aside from those other points, a pergola can add a great deal of value to your home. That’s particularly true when you choose high-quality, low-maintenance materials and work with a professional pergola builder in Canberra.

With those factors in place, your pergola is bound to generate a return on your investment and make your home more attractive to buyers if you decide to sell it.

Adding a Pergola to Your Canberra Home

Pergolas are amazing additions to Canberra homes. They create beautiful, versatile outdoor spaces for entertaining, enjoying the weather, or simply taking advantage of a little quiet time.

With so many materials and design options at your disposal, there’s no reason not to build a pergola in Canberra. Beyond that, you can add any number of extra features to make the space your own. You’re sure to get endless enjoyment out of the investment.

If this all sounds great to you and you're in the market for a new pergola in your Canberra home, then reach out and speak with our Pergola building experts at Elevated Concepts. We can't wait to hear from you!