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Stunning Custom pergolas Canberra

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Transform your backyard into a captivating space of relaxation and style with our custom pergolas in Canberra. Being a fantastic investment for any home, pergolas can create an all-year round space for entertaining friends and spending quality time with family. We offer custom pergola building that will satisfy everyone's personal taste.

Backed by many years of experience in the building industry, our dedicated team can create a stunning and functional Canberra pergola that blends seamlessly with the existing tone of your current home. Using only high-end materials combined with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, your custom pergola will effortlessly retain its allure whilst withstanding Canberra's elements.

Whether you're seeking a cozy retreat for intimate gatherings or a spacious entertainment area for hosting memorable events, our pergola Canberra experts work closely with you to create a bespoke pergola that reflects your personal style and enhances your lifestyle.

From the initial design consultation to the final installation, our dedicated team handles every aspect of your pergola build, saving you time and effort. Your input is highly valued, and our level of collaboration throughout the entire process is something we are extremely prideful of, ensuring that your vision is accurately translated into reality. Our goal is to make your pergola installation journey enjoyable and worry-free.

expert pergola building in Canberra

Whether you're seeking steel framing or timber framing, Elevated Concepts offer a vast range of premium pergola construction services for our clients. Your needs are our priority, so we aim to craft your vision into reality no matter what design style you are opting for. Coming in many forms and sizes, we will help you select a pergola that perfectly complements your lifestyle, homes architecture, and budget.

Gabled pergola

If you desire a grand and sophisticated pergola design, our gabled pergolas are the epitome of elegance. Featuring a distinctive triangular roofline, gabled pergolas create a sense of spaciousness and architectural interest. Elevate your outdoor space with a gabled pergola that adds a touch of luxury and creates a stunning focal point in your backyard.

Open Roof Pergolas

Experience the beauty of nature while enjoying the benefits of a pergola with an open roof design. Open roof pergolas allow sunlight to filter through, creating a harmonious blend of light and shade. Perfect for embracing the outdoors, an open roof pergola provides a refreshing and airy atmosphere, ideal for enjoying warm summer days and starry nights.

Louvred Pergolas

For the ultimate flexibility and control over sunlight and shade, consider our louvered pergolas in Canberra. With adjustable louvers, you can easily regulate the amount of light and airflow to suit your preferences. With a louvre roof pergola, embrace versatility and create an outdoor space that adapts to your needs throughout the day, whether it's for basking in the sun or seeking respite from its rays.

Pitched Pergolas

If you prefer a subtle slope and gentle aesthetic, our pitched pergolas (sloped pergolas) are an excellent choice. Pitched pergolas offer a classic and timeless design that complements a variety of architectural styles. Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with a pitched pergola that provides a perfect blend of form and function.

Our pergola Roof options & accessories

Looking for an enclosed or covered pergola for that extra layer of comfort? Insulated roofing, bar heaters, or LED downlights? Our pergola building service is flexible and comes with a variety of options for you to pick. From a touch of luxury to natural elegance, we have a design style that is perfect for you.

Pergola Roofing Options

  • Insulated Panel Roofing
  • Polycarbonate Roofing
  • Colorbond Roofing
  • Retractable Roof Pergola
  • Open Roof Pergola
  • Flat Roof Pergola
  • Clear Pergola Roof

Pergola Accessories

  • LED Downlights
  • LED Spotlights
  • 1200, 1800, or 2400 wattbar heaters
  • Controllable by switch, app, or remote

Pergola materials for you to choose from

Timber Pergolas

If you are looking for that class rustic vibe, our wood pergolas are the perfect option for you. With an array of timber staining options and paint colours, softwood timber is an economical & affordable material for wooden pergolas. Hardwood will be more expensive but is highly durable and withstands the Canberra summers effectively. A wood pergola will require maintenance every 2-4 years such as repainting, restaining, and resealing.

Steel pergolas

Steel and metal pergolas are a highly durable and long lasting pergola design option for Canberra homes. Mould resistant and much less susceptible to wear and tear, a steel pergola not only looks amazing but will stand the test of time. Elevated Concepts' steel pergolas are made with heat-resistant paint to ensure comfort all year round. Low-maintenance and sustainable, talk to our team today about your steel pergola ideas.

Aluminium pergolas

Our expert pergola builders can provide you with the highest quality affordable aluminium pergolas Canberra. Our aluminium alloy is sourced from top quality manufacturers and designed to be high-strength as well as durable. The metal frame of the Colorbond pergola retains its incredible properties in any weather, hail or shine.

Fibreglass pergolas

If you are looking for a pergola design idea that does not rust, corrode, and requires very minimal maintenance, then our fibreglass pergola is the option for you. With a number of colour options, you can style your fibreglass pergola to suit your exact vision. The most expensive material of the bunch, Elevated Concepts fibreglass pergolas are strong, rigid, and will last for many years into the future.

Carport as a pergola in Canberra

Outdoor Pergolas as Functional carports

Pergolas present many different functionality options for your home. Typically, a backyard pergola is the most common design option amongst Australian homeowners. If you weren't aware, when a pergola is built on a driveway, they also function perfectly as a carport. Elevated Concepts can help you design and build a pergola carport in Canberra that is perfect to your driveway.

Our Canberra carport pergolas are built to your exact specifications, with our design team taking into account the space needed for your vehicle, the make of the vehicle, the size of the driveway, and access to and from the carport.

Our durable and high-strength materials ensure the longevity of your carport pergola, and therefore the safety of your car. Whether it's a free standing pergola carport, or a pergola carport attached to your home, make sure to choose the expert builders in the trade. Elevated Concepts are your trusted carport builders Canberra.

Your Trusted Pergola Company in Canberra

If you have a specific pergola idea in mind, or need help designing your new modern pergola, you can rely on the trusted pergola building service in Canberra to help you. Don't settle for low quality and expensive materials, we have the access to the best materials at affordable prices. This means we can pass the savings on to you! For the best affordable pergola builders Canberra, Elevated Concepts is your answer.

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Luxurious pergola Design and alfreso area builders

Not only will your new pergola be durable, long-lasting, and of the highest quality, it will look incredible too. Beautiful and luxurious, we craft modern pergolas as alfresco areas as if it was an art form. We work closely with you so you can show us any specific designs or ideas you had in mind. Our team of pergola designers stay up to date with the latest trends so you will always be met with industry-leading designs.

We can create custom pergola designs that align to the unique needs of your home. From garden pergolas to pergola extensions that attach to the back of your home, a pergola on deck or a pool pergola to entertain friends, the experts at Elevated Concepts can bring your unique vision to life in luxurious style. No matter the size whether it's a large or small pergola, we've got you covered!

Outdoor pergolas in Canberra

Why get a backyard pergola for your home


Pergolas and patios are a great way to enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends. Use it as an outdoor dining area or as an extension to your home to relax in. Bring your outdoor pergola ideas to us and we'll bring them to life!


Installing a garden pergola in your backyard is a great way to enjoy the morning breeze without being exposed to too much UV. Our roof pergola shade options provide you with different angles of shade to suit your needs.


Pergolas come in such a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colours that you can customise them according to any preference. From luxury pergolas to classic pergolas, we can craft a perfect solution for you.


We offer open pergolas and enclosed pergolas for your privacy preferences. With pergola blinds and privacy screens, you can keep out the nosy neighbours without ruining that cherished sunlight or breeze.

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