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Kitchen, bathroom, & laundry renovations in Canberra

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If you are after a stunning custom home renovation to your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry, Elevated Concepts are one of Canberra's premier renovation specialists.

We work closely with you to achieve your dream and vision, going beyond just some plans on paper. We sit down with you to carefully map out and design your beautiful new space, going above and beyond every step of the process to ensure superior quality is met.

You don't have to be 100% sure on what it is you are after, we can take you through the entire process from initial concept, design up the 3D renders based off a rough vision, and work back and forth with you until you are happy to go ahead.

We measure and fit everything, and then get specific on your ideal design options so colours, materials, fittings, tiles, splashbacks, and everything else in between. This way we can be sure that your new renovation is the upgrade of your dreams!

Kitchen renovations Canberra

Transform your kitchen into the heart and soul of your home. Beyond being a mere space for cooking and meal preparation, a kitchen holds the power to breathe life into your living environment. Imagine a clean, modern, and breathtaking kitchen that becomes the catalyst for a remarkable transformation, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your entire home while significantly boosting its market value.

At Elevated Concepts, we specialise in delivering premium kitchen renovation services that bring your vision to life and complement your unique lifestyle. From expertly designing the layout to selecting the finest cabinets, benchtops, lighting, and electrical fixtures, as well as handling tiling, appliance installation, and plumbing, we take care of every aspect.

Our goal is to seamlessly integrate kitchen appliances into your home, not only enhancing its sleek and contemporary look but also creating an illusion of spaciousness. Trust us to create a kitchen that surpasses your expectations and becomes the true centerpiece of your living space.

Bathroom renovations Canberra

Let us craft your bathroom into a haven of tranquility and relaxation. Picture yourself unwinding in a space that caters to all your relaxation needs, providing solace after a demanding day.

Your bathroom should be more than just an ordinary room; it should be an oasis where you can truly indulge in self-care, find respite, and experience genuine delight. Elevate your home to new levels of luxury with our exceptional bathroom renovations!

We have perfected the art of bathroom makeovers, seamlessly blending opulent quality, energy efficiency, and affordability. Our comprehensive services encompass plumbing, lighting, wiring, and construction, leaving no detail overlooked.

With our selection of top-notch fixtures and hardware, you can have complete peace of mind, knowing that your stunning new bathroom will not only astound, but endure for decades to come.

Laundry renovations Canberra

Revitalise your laundry space with renovations that enhance both functionality and the look of your home. By upgrading your laundry room, you have the opportunity to streamline your laundry routine, create a memorable space in your home, and significantly increase the market value of your property. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve this dream!

One benefit of an upgraded laundry is adding practical storage solutions, such as cabinets and shelves, to keep your laundry supplies neatly organised and easily accessible. The installation of a utility sink can also prove invaluable for soaking and washing delicate items. Functionality is at the forefront of our renovations.

Let's not overlook the impact of flooring. We offer durable and easy to clean materials like tile or vinyl to create a stunning transformation in the look and ambiance of your laundry room.

Our focus extends beyond style alone as we prioritise the functionality of your new laundry space, ensuring it serves your needs seamlessly. Discover the perfect blend of efficiency and visual appeal with our premium laundry renovation services in Canberra.

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