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How to Maintain Your Deck So It Looks Great All Year Round

May 18, 2024

Nights of entertaining or enjoying family time can be ruined if the deck is in poor shape. It’s possible for someone to slip and fall, for damaged wood to cause injuries, or just the area to look poor whenever anyone is over.

Keeping the deck in great shape throughout the year does take some work, but it ensures every time you go outside, it’s possible to enjoy the day without worrying about how the deck looks or whether it’s safe to use.

To keep the deck looking great throughout the year, do the following.

Repair or Replace As Needed

Work with Canberra deck builders to repair or replace the deck if any damage is noted. Decks are designed to last as long as possible, but they won’t last forever, especially if they aren’t cared for properly.

If the deck has seen better days, it may be beneficial to have a new one installed. It’s possible to choose a different design or one that is bigger to give you more space.

Even if the deck doesn’t need to be rebuilt, a deck builder can help with repairs that may be necessary. Replacing loose boards, sanding down rough areas, restaining the deck and other repairs may be needed over the years to keep it in great shape as long as possible.

At the first sign of an issue, call in the experts to take a look and see what repairs are needed.

Keep it Clean

Keeping the deck clean helps protect it from damage and reduces the potential for moss or mildew growth. It also offers the opportunity to inspect the deck for any damage, so it can be fixed before it gets worse or causes injuries.

In most cases, it is simple to clean the deck. If it has been a while since the deck was cleaned or it is in poor shape, it may be a good idea to let the experts handle the job.

Start by sweeping off any loose debris. Use a deck cleaner based on the type of material and follow the manufacturer's instructions to clean the deck thoroughly.

Pressure washing can be done, but it is crucial to avoid using too much pressure, as that can permanently damage the decking materials. Once everything is clean, dry the deck or allow it to try in the sunlight.

This should be done at least every few months, with sweeping in between as needed to keep everything free of debris.

Stain or Paint the Wood

Staining or painting the wood can help refresh the look. Different stains or paint colours can be used for a completely new look without having to go through Deck construction again.

Choose the stain or paint based on the materials used for the deck and the desired colour. Thoroughly clean the timber deck, sand if needed, and apply according to the manufacturer's instructions.

This should help fully restore the look of the deck as long as it is in good condition before the new stain or paint is applied.

Seal the Wood

If the deck is stained, the next step may be to seal the wood. This can be done with a clear coat to avoid covering up the stain and is designed to protect the wood from potential damage.

The sealant should be applied according to the manufacturer's instructions and multiple coats may be needed to fully protect the deck. If needed, let an expert handle sealing the deck to make sure it’s done properly and the wood is protected.

The sealant will need to be replied every few years to ensure the deck remains protected for as long as possible.

Know When to Call for Help

If there are any issues with the decking, like spots that are rough or boards that are loose, it’s a good idea to get help to fix them.

While it’s possible, and easy, to screw a board back in, there could be hidden issues causing the problem that will need to be fixed. If there are any signs of rot or an abundance of mildew growing on the deck, a call to a professional can help you get to the bottom of the issue so it doesn’t reoccur.

If your deck has seen better days and is being repaired or you’re having a new one installed, it’s crucial to get the right help to keep everything looking good as long as possible.

Keeping it clean and performing maintenance such as staining or repairs regularly can help keep it looking great throughout the year and for as long as possible.

Calling in the experts for repairs or other help can also help keep it in excellent shape. Use the steps here to keep your deck cleaned and ensure it’s ready for entertaining, relaxing in the evening, and everything else you enjoy.

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