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What Decking Material is Best for your Canberra Home?

March 7, 2024

Warming weather means more time outside. It means more time enjoying the shade as you watch the kids play in the garden or more time entertaining guests while a cool breeze blows in the evening.

You look forward to spending time in your backyard, but you need somewhere to relax.

Your current deck might leave you longing for something better. It’s old and outdated, and it may even be in poor condition. Or, you might not have a deck in the backyard and just want somewhere to relax.

A change is needed, but where do you start?

Designing a new deck takes time. The shape and size are crucial. But, don’t forget to think about the material used.

Do you prefer timber or would you like something more durable?

Are you looking to keep costs low to build the biggest deck possible or do you want the “wow” factor when friends and family visit?

When you are getting ready to work with expert deck builders Canberra, consider the following decking material options for the new deck.


Timber is commonly used for decking because of its beauty and affordability. Timber decking can create the sophisticated look you’re after. If you enjoy entertaining at your home or a fun place to relax if you just want to enjoy the outdoors, timber might be the right choice.

A wide variety of wood species can be used for your deck. Some of them are naturally resistant to rot and pests that plague wood decks. Others are low-cost and affordable. They’re perfect if you’re looking for a money-saving option.

Timber will need to be refinished regularly. Even with excellent care, it will only last up to around 15 years. Depending on the type of wood used, a wood deck can be incredibly expensive.

The wood can be pressure-treated, which means they have chemicals on them. While the chemicals are there to help them be resistant to moisture and pests, this may be a concern.

The most gorgeous timber decks tend to be the most expensive. Costs can vary significantly for a wood deck. It depends on the type of wood used and the amount of maintenance required. Washing, staining, and other tasks will need to be done at least yearly.


Less common than wood decks, aluminium decking can offer a stunning look. It is naturally more resistant to damage and maintenance is lower. Aluminium decks can be a fantastic option for those who want something newer and more durable.

However, they can be more expensive. This is countered by the fact that they can last for many years.

With aluminium, there’s no need to worry about pests or moisture. It’s also naturally fire-resistant. Those who are in fire-prone areas might consider this to help protect their deck from damage.

Termites and other insects that can damage a wood deck will be no match for one that’s made out of aluminium.

One of the biggest benefits is that there is minimal maintenance needed. Washing it off regularly is often all that’s necessary to keep it looking amazing.

Cons for aluminium are few and far between. It can be more expensive than other types of materials, so it might not be best for those on a budget.

The appearance can also be a downside. An aluminium deck will not look like a traditional wood deck, which may be what you prefer. With minimal maintenance, though, this still could be a fantastic option for those who want something that looks stunning without a lot of work.


With the appearance of wood but without as much care needed, composite decking is a fantastic possibility. It is designed to look like real wood. Everything is carefully designed, from the patterns of the grain to the stains used.

The material used to create composite decking is crafted from wood fibres and plastic. The result looks like wood but is designed to last longer and require less work. They won’t need to be stained and cleaning is incredibly easy. Plus, they’re resistant to pests, rot, and other issues that can plague a wood deck.

Composite can be a great option. However, it is important to note that premium versions are more likely to look like wood than the less expensive ones. It can be well worth the cost, though, when you can design a stunning deck that looks like real wood without all of the work needed to keep it in great shape.

If you’re trying to save money, though, it is possible to design a composite deck that creates a whole new look for your garden.

When you want to fully enjoy your garden, new deck construction might be the perfect solution to turn the boring space into an oasis. We can even build decking with an insulated pergola to create the entertainment area of your dreams.

Consider all of your options for decking Canberra, and then speak with the experts to create a deck design that’s perfect for your needs. In no time, you’ll be able to start enjoying the garden and the gorgeous weather outside.

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