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What is Composite Decking?

May 3, 2024

Decks are traditionally made with timber boards. However, composite decking is quickly becoming a popular alternative. Manufacturers produce this environmentally friendly material using recycled wood chips, sawdust, and plastic.

When combined, these items create a robust and lightweight alternative to wood. It resembles natural timber in appearance, but installers find it much easier to work with.

Canberra deck builders often recommend composite decking because it offers many benefits. Homeowners have suppliers and brands they may choose from, making it easy to find suitable materials for their homes.

The ease of installation also helps to keep costs down. What should a homeowner know before purchasing composite decking in Canberra?

How is Composite Decking Made?

Manufacturers combine wood and plastic to make composite decking. Recycled materials reduce the risk of landfills overflowing and protect the planet, which homeowners love.

The plastic and wood materials are combined with a binding agent to create a strong, durable, and weatherproof product.

When Was Composite Decking Introduced?

Homeowners were first introduced to plastic wood decks in the 1990s. People were concerned about deforestation and its effects on the planet. They wanted to avoid seeing trees cut down to have timber decks.

Manufacturers took notice of this concern and created a product that mimics the look of wood and uses recycled materials to protect the planet.

The Benefits of Composite Decking

Composite decking requires little maintenance. The material doesn't warp, rot, fade, or crack. Homeowners appreciate knowing they won't need to stain, paint, or seal the deck. Keeping the deck looking its best requires nothing more than soap and water.

The eco-print of composite decking is lighter than that of timber decking because it is made from recycled materials. Australians are very concerned about the planet's health and appreciate having an alternative to timber when constructing a deck.

This decking material holds up to all types of weather. Termites, pool chlorine, and saltwater won't harm it, and composite materials don't warp, rot, or splinter. Walk around in bare feet, knowing it won't be painful.

Timber boards rot when exposed to moisture. To prevent this from happening with composite decking, manufacturers cap the ends. Mold won't grow on composite decking, although timber deck owners can find this is a problem.

Manufacturers make composite decking in various colours, types, and textures. Often, a person cannot tell the difference between composite and timber decks because they look so similar.

However, composite decking has a different feel than timber.

Although a person will pay more when they purchase composite decking, the long-term costs are lower. Repairs and maintenance are rarely needed with composite decks, but the same cannot be said about their timber counterparts.

Manufacturers mold composite decking, so there are more design options. People won't have to stick with conventional plank shapes. They can choose the desired design, and a manufacturer can create it.

Composite Decking's Drawback

Every product, even composite decking, could be improved upon. Homeowners find they spend more at the time of purchase for this decking material than timber. Nevertheless, they will save money over the deck's lifespan thanks to the above benefits.

Composite decking around a pool in Canberra

How Difficult Is It to Install a Composite Deck?

Homeowners know they will pay more for composite decking materials, which may lead them to worry that the installation costs will also be higher.

However, composite decks last longer, so the installation costs will be lower over the lifespan of the deck. It won't need to be replaced as often as a timber one.

Furthermore, natural timber shrinks and expands. When it does, nails and screws may come loose. Not only will this mar the deck's appearance, but it could also lead to injuries. Composite decks eliminate these concerns.

Composite decking is lightweight and easy to install. Laborers won't struggle to drill holes in the composite materials to place screws or nails.

Many styles come with grooves or channels on the sides, so the pieces lock together to form a seamless surface. No screws or nails are needed during installation when this style is selected. The entire installation process goes much faster.

Composite Decking Brands

Several manufacturers offer composite decking today. Composite deck builders in Canberra often recommend Trex or Azek decking materials. Trex decking is ideal for high-traffic areas, while Azek backs its products with a 50-year warranty.

KEKSIA's Coastal decking is another popular choice because it is entirely capped, so moisture won't harm it. However, Eva-Last now serves as the world's fastest-growing composite deck manufacturer.

TimberTech also creates products that mimic the beauty of natural wood and backs these products with a 30-year warranty.

ModWood is an Australian company, so its products are designed with Canberra's climate in mind. However, pay attention to Hardiedeck, mainly if the home is in a bushfire zone. This composite decking material is certified for use in these areas.

When the time comes to install a new deck or replace an existing one, consider composite decking. Thanks to its many benefits, countless homeowners find this is the right choice for their needs. Learn more today to see if you can say the same.

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