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What is the Best Decking Timber to Use for Your New Deck?

April 20, 2024

Many people today add decks to their homes. Doing so extends the outdoor living space while boosting the property value.

When planning this project, the homeowner must choose decking timber.

Which material should a homeowner choose when completing the deck?


Hardwoods are one option to consider. These timbers offer longevity and durability in a beautiful package.

They come in different patterns and lines, making it easy for every homeowner to find the suitable wood for their needs. Options to consider include:


A fire-resistant timber, blackbutt comes in several shades of brown. Homeowners who prefer a darker hue love that the wood stains easily.

Nevertheless, this timber comes with a high price tag, and the wood is prone to cracks. Homeowners must polish the deck rather than paint it.

Another option is to leave the deck exposed to the elements. Doing so allows it to age to a gorgeous silver-grey shade.


Jarrah decks benefit luxury homes. The color ranges from rich reds to warm browns. It easily resists rot, which is important in areas with lots of rain. Builders often use it for wharves and bridges because it is strong and durable.

Spotted Gum

Homeowners should also look into spotted gum, another popular hardwood commonly used for decks. This dense wood won’t shrink much, and it easily resists fire. Choose from light brown shades or opt for a dark reddish brown and anything in between.

Coarse, uneven grains ensure the timber looks natural. While this wood is more expensive than blackbutt, it lasts longer.

Deck builders in Canberra use oil and paint to keep this timber looking its best.


Softwoods aren’t as popular for decks, although they are more affordable. Before they can be used for outdoor construction, the builder must treat the wood with an alkaline copper quaternary to protect it from microbes and pests.

Treated Pine

Treated pine remains the most popular softwood decking timber option for those on a budget. Its low price attracts many homeowners, who come to love its other features. This material is lightweight and pressure-treated to protect it from damage.

Fungi, termites, and decay won’t be concerns when Canberra deck builders use this wood. However, regular oiling is required for the wood to withstand the elements.

Determining Which Timber to Use

Homeowners might pick timber decking in Canberra based on the appearance of the wood or their budget. While both factors are important, deck contractors recommend considering other factors when making this choice. The following are a few of these factors.

Geographical Location

Where will the deck be built? The selected timber must withstand the elements. Certain hardwoods fade with UV exposure, while those who live in an area prone to bushfires need decking wood that resists fire.

Other things to consider when comparing timbers are pests native to the area and other environmental hazards that could reduce the lifespan of the deck.

Deck builders in Canberra work with homeowners to find the right project materials.

Maintenance Requirements

A homeowner must know the maintenance requirements of each decking timber before making a choice. Nobody wants a new deck installed only to learn they must regularly maintain it if their time is limited.

Certain woods require regular oiling or polishing to protect them from harm. Other timbers need no maintenance.

Homeowners need this information to guarantee they have the time and money for upkeep.


Every homeowner must set a budget for this purchase before speaking with deck builders in Canberra. The boards range in price. Some homeowners splurge and choose an expensive hardwood, while others opt for treated pine because it fits their budget.

Again, consider maintenance costs when choosing a material for the new deck.

One way to lower the price of the structure is to speak with deck builders and see if they can use different materials for the deck components.

For example, ask if treated pine can be used for the posts and framework. Select hardwood for the decking planks to give the structure a luxurious look.

Combining the two materials helps keep the project within budget while providing the homeowner with a deck they love.


One factor many homeowners overlook is the availability of the desired timber. Native woods are easy to find.

Expect the project to take longer if an exotic hardwood is chosen. The builder must source and obtain the wood, which may increase the project cost.

Homeowners need to choose a decking timber they love and one that compliments the house.

By considering the above mentioned factors, a person finds it easier to select the perfect wood for the project.

Once this has been done, it comes down to finding the right timber deck builders in Canberra for the job. The timber is only as good as the installation process, so choose the builder carefully.

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