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Aluminium decking Canberra

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Custom Aluminium decks in Canberra

Elevated Concepts is one of the leading aluminium deck builders in Canberra, offering high-grade and affordable aluminium decking systems for all types of purposes. Our aluminium decks come in many different styles, colours, and design options to customise for your exact wants and needs.

All of our aluminium decking materials are sourced from high quality local suppliers and utilise quality accessories (screws, fasteners, bolts etc.) to ensure installation is perfect. This also ensures your deck build is safe, secure, and will last for a very long time.

Our expert deck builders will work with you to build the perfect aluminium deck for your home. We sit down with you to go over design options, colour choices, and give recommendations of how to perfectly match your new deck with your existing architecture. From the sub-structure to the roofing, we assemble the entirety to align with your unique vision.

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Aluminium deck systems are low maintenance and look incredible in your home

We supply and install DecoDeck DecoWood aluminium decking in Canberra. Manufactured by Deco Australia, DecoDeck aluminium decks have a natural timber-look appearance without the maintenance troubles that come with timber.

Traditional timber decking looks great, but requires frequent sanding, oiling and painting to keep it looking good. If you are looking for a very low-maintenance option for your new decking, an aluminium deck system is the perfect answer.

Timber decks are not likely to go away any time soon, but at Elevated Concepts we've seen a huge increase in popularity in aluminium for the decking material. Not only do they require much less maintenance than traditional decking, but both the aluminium planks and ancillary elements are highly fire-resistant (use in bush fire zones rated up to Flame Zone BAL FZ) and a great solution to the ever-changing Canberra building codes.

Aluminium decking has a super durable power-coating which does not fade, age, or deteriorate in the weather. It's highly UV-resistant and reacts great to the Canberra sun. They also aren't slippery and due to the aluminium element, they will never rust.

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Aluminium decking in an outdoor living area in Canberra

Aluminium decking design and personalisation options

Our aluminium decking builders in Canberra will work with you to personalise your deck to your unique style and the custom elements of your existing home.

The finished look of DecoWood aluminium decks has a natural timber appearance, coming in 14 different styles and options including a concrete-look finish. The aluminium planks are available in 2 widths, 94mm and 134mm, and is designed to have a 6mm gap in between.

We can help you build the following types of decks:

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    Wraparound decks
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    Detached decks
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    Multi-tier and multi-level decks
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    Pool decks
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    Attached decks

You also have the option to build a pergola from hardwood or steel around the decking, as well as deck roofing options and other accessories such as outdoor kitchens and bar heaters.

Our team makes it easier than ever before to match the feel and vibe of your existing home perfectly with your new aluminium deck. Your new deck can truly be a representation of your unique style and be customised to the exact specification that you need!

Benefits of aluminium decking

Low maintenance decking

With no sanding, painting or oiling required, aluminium decks are a very low-maintenance option for your home. You'll have a great looking deck year after year with virtually no upkeep required to maintain it's incredible appearance.

Tough, strong and durable decking

Aluminium decks do not warp, twist or bend, making them highly-durable no matter how bad the Canberra weather gets. It's super durable coating makes it UV-resistant with minimal aging and fading.

Termite proof and bushfire proof

The aluminium component makes the decking non-combustible and great for areas that are prone to bushfires up to Flame Zone BAL FZ. It's also highly termite proof.

Your Professional Canberra Aluminium Deck Builders

To enquire about a new custom aluminium deck in Canberra, give our professional deck builders a call or enquire online today. Bring us your plans, ideas and visions, and we'll help you bring them to reality! We offer no-obligation free quotes for all of our services.

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Why choose us for your Aluminium timber-look decking in Canberra?

Selecting an aluminium deck builder with extensive experience and genuine passion for their craft is essential for the success of your decking project. When you work with our experienced deck design consultants, you can rest assured that we will steer you towards the finest materials, styles, and overall solutions tailored to your needs.

Our commitment to quality means we comply with all Australian Standards and Canberra council regulations. Even if your decking seems impossible to install, we work our hardest to solve the problem and get to a solution.

Why should you choose us as your aluminium deck contractor in Canberra?

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    Highly experienced in all forms of outdoor building
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    Custom deck designs built to your vision
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    Many decking materials for you to choose from
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    Affordable and work to your budget
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    Take care of everything from design to installation
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    Expert craftmanship and attention to detail


Do i need council approval to build an Aluminium deck in Canberra?

You may need council approval for aluminium decking. It depends on your situation.

For decks, you do not need council approval if it does not have a roof and has a floor level that is below 0.4 metres above natural ground level. The only exemption to this is if the deck is not within 1.5 metres of aside boundary or rear boundary, then the floor height limit is 1.2 metres.

For more information and specifics, visit the ACT Government's Planning and Development Regulation page.

Our team helps you with all the council approval processes so you don't need to worry about a thing. We can also tell you whether or not your plans will require council approval in the first place.

How many years will my decking last?

A long time! Our team uses the best materials to ensure the longevity of your deck, with most decks typically lasting between 10-30 years.

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