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a modern timber pool deck installed by our Canberra pool deck builders

Specialist Swimming pool deck builders in Canberra

Looking to take your pool area to the next level? Elevated Concept's stunning pool decks elevate any outdoor pool area to new heights, adding incredible value to your home and creating a stylish area to relax, entertain and swim in.

We understand that you want more than just a plain old pool deck, you want a space that truly brings value to your home. We design and build affordable pool decking that transform your poolside experience. From above ground pool decks to pool decks for inground pools, our experts Canberra pool builders can be trusted to help build decking that suits your home perfectly.

If you're looking for incredible looking, highly durable custom pool decking in Canberra, then reach out and speak with our team today. Whether you have exact specifications or just an idea in your head, we'll help bring your vision to reality.

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High quality and Affordable pool Decks In Canberra

The right pool decking can not only add style to your home, but create a functional space for you and your family to enjoy in both safety and comfort. It gives the ability to create a space for lounging and relaxing, a poolside BBQ area to cook and entertain, and a safe accessible area to all sides of the pool.

We ensure the longevity of such an area by using high quality materials sourced from trusted suppliers. Whether it's timber decking or composite decking, you can trust that a pool deck with Elevated Concepts is a pool deck worth adding to your home.

However, a common misconception is that pool decking isn't affordable. Our team prides itself on our ability to offer affordable pool decks custom to your budget. With no large overheads and great relationships with suppliers, our pool decking is affordable AND tied to incredible quality workmanship.

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Composite pool decking installed by our deck builders

What to consider when building your new pool deck

As with any pool area, your decking is going to get wet. That's why it's important to choose a pool deck builder who understands what materials provide longevity under such conditions. We typically like to use H3 treated pine or composite wood, as well as stainless steel fixings to ensure your deck can withstand the elements.

The construction of a pool deck also typically requires a council permit. This can come with headaches and delays if not done effectively. No worries! We take care of all council applications and approvals to ensure your pool decking is 100% legal and up to standards, and with minimal headaches and delays. The amount of time that this process takes depends on the decking, with the main factors being the distance from the neighbouring property, trees, and other buildings affecting the building permit’s time.

You also want to consider the pool deck design. Our creative deck designers will not only help you craft the deck of your dreams, but can overcome issues on sloping blocks, elevations, and unusual pool designs.

Why build a pool deck?

Integrates your pool seamlessly with your outdoor living area

An effective pool design can blend your homes outdoor living area with your pool seamlessly, bringing the two together into a cohesive space. It creates a highly modern and sophisticated outdoor area to wow your visitors.

Wood and composite decking is safe for children to run on

No more slips or falls like traditional slippery concrete brings! Our non-slip pool decks create a safe floor surface for children to play on. Whether you choose composite or wood, we ensure your decking is slip-resistant and safe for your loved ones.

Adds tremendous amounts of value to your home

A stunning pool deck can add huge amounts of market value to your home. It can transform your poolscape into an outdoor oasis to relax and entertain friends. Set up a BBQ, set up some chairs, add some luxury features, who wouldn't want that!

Pool deck design options

We offer a wide range of materials and designs for you to choose from when planning your pool deck construction. Our experienced pool deck designers will help pick out a material and design that is perfect for you and your home.

The materials we offer are the following:

Timber pool decking

Our timber pool decks give you a range of options to choose from and look amazing around your pool. Typically, you want to pick a timber that isn't going to rot and decay due to the constant water. We recommend treated pine, spotted gum, or merbau because of their rot-resistant properties.

Composite pool decking

Our composite pool decks are a modern option and a highly durable one too. Not only do they add tremendous style to your pool area, but they last for upwards of 30 years! Composite decking is more slip-resistant than timber when wet, and you never have to worry about it rotting or decaying as it's made from recycled plastics.

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Timber pool decking in a home in Canberra

Your Professional Canberra Pool Deck Builders

Are you searching for top-quality pool deck installation in Canberra? If you have a unique design in mind and want to transform your vision into reality, you're in the perfect spot! Elevated Concepts is renowned as the leading installer of pool decks in Canberra.

We specialise in crafting beautiful custom pool decks that perfectly capture your vision while respecting your budget. With affordability, reliability, and expertise in our craft, you can trust Elevated Concepts to bring your dream pool decking to life!

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Why choose us for your swimming Pool decking in Canberra?

Selecting a pool deck builder with extensive experience and genuine passion for their craft is essential for the success of your decking project. When you work with our experienced deck design consultants, you can rest assured that we will steer you towards the finest materials, styles, and overall solutions tailored to your needs.

Our commitment to quality means we comply with all Australian Standards and Canberra council regulations. Even if your decking seems impossible to install, we work our hardest to solve the problem and get to a solution.

Why should you choose us as your composite deck builder?

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    Highly experienced in all forms of outdoor building
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    Custom deck designs built to your vision
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    Many decking materials for you to choose from
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    Affordable and work to your budget
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    Take care of everything from design to installation
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    Expert craftmanship and attention to detail


Can I build a deck around my above ground pool?

Absolutely! An above ground pool deck is perfect for creating a functional area around your pool and integrating it with your outdoor area. We can build it to extend over the edge of the pool to blend your pool with your outdoor area seamlessly. This helps create a space that kids can dive from and that you can relax on, which wouldn't be possible with a traditional above ground pool.

How much does it cost to build a pool deck?

The cost to build a pool deck depends on a number of factors including material choice, size of the deck, complexity of the design, and any other additional features such as pergolas or deck roofing. It's difficult to give a number for the cost of pool deck building without first learning about what your requirements and needs are. For an accurate quote, give our team a call or enquire through our contact page today.

Do i need council approval to build a pool deck in Canberra?

You may need council approval for pool decking in Canberra. It depends on your situation.

For decks, you do not need council approval if it does not have a roof and has a floor level that is below 0.4 metres above natural ground level. The only exemption to this is if the deck is not within 1.5 metres of aside boundary or rear boundary, then the floor height limit is 1.2 metres.

For more information and specifics, visit the ACT Government's Planning and Development Regulation page.

Our team helps you with all the council approval processes so you don't need to worry about a thing. We can also tell you whether or not your plans will require council approval in the first place.

How many years will my decking last?

A long time! Our team uses the best materials to ensure the longevity of your deck, with most decks typically lasting between 10-30 years. With regular decking maintenance, your deck will last for decades to come.

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